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Blog System

I started to use b2evolution for my blogging platform. It worked well for many years, but then i started to use Postgresql for our database platform. When i wanted to move my blog system over to Postgresql i found that b2evolution did not support Postgre. To be honest i could not find many blog systems that used anything other than MySQL. Another area of trouble was the licensing of the systems. Many of the systems were GPL licensed. At ARC Technologies we depend on GPL software and don't have a problem with it. Planing for future projects we needed a  blogging solution  that was licensed under LGPL. That way we could incorporate it into our products and would not need to push the entire project back out as GPL software.

So it was decided that we would build a new blog system, one that would work on PHP5 and not depend solely on one database platform The only requirements are the database system would need to handle views, stored procedures, and triggers. Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgresql , MySQL, SQLight and Firebird are the database that we are targeting to work with the new system.

If we have missed a database platform please let us know.

We feel that this is a big undertaking to build a system that is feature rich, and support many different database platforms. To us it's a challenge and something fun to do, produce a product that from the small website user to corporate users can use. And don't worry about what database platform you can use.

We are taking some ideas from the other major blogging platforms and incorporating them into our new platform. We will post more information on the project in the near future.

Also this new system will be released as LGPL code. I am currently using the alpha on my website edmann.com. Feel free to stop by and check out the progress.